Some Sights in Mülheim

The city

In the centre of Mülheim there is the main railway station. It's small and an old and ugly one, but it will be renovated in 2000. Nearby is the "Forum" - a shopping centre with a department store, many boutiques, bakeries, restaurants and cafés, a toy-shop and some more shops. On the second floor there are the cinemas. Outside the Forum there is a pedestrian precinct - the Schloßstraße - with shops, restaurants, cafés and so on; it leads to another department store. Here is the station where the Ruhr tunnel begins. The tunnel was opened in 1998 for trams only. It goes under the river from the centre to Broich.

Stadtmitte In the town centre

The old town of Mülheim

On the church hill there is the old "Petrikirche" (St Peter's Church). In the old town there are some good restaurants. There are small roads with pretty timber-frame houses. In one of the oldest houses - it's called "Tersteegen-Haus" - there is a small museum. It reminds of Gerhard Tersteegen, who was a preacher and a hymn writer. He wrote a famous hymn. This museum of local history has beautiful old furniture. All timber-frame houses are protected. There is also a park with an open-air theatre. In the old town many celebrations and flea markets are held and live music is played. The old town is small, but there is a lot of atmosphere. The timber-frame houses show the influence of the "Bergische Land" architecture.
Not far away there is the shopping precinct and the lovely river Ruhr.

Altstadt In the old town
Fachwerkhäuser timber-frame houses in the old town

Museum of Art

The museum is located in the centre of Mülheim in the "Old Post Office". The picture gallery shows German paintings of the 20 th century, for example Nolde, Macke, Feininger and Otto Pankok, who was born in Mülheim.

Alte Post The old post office, now the Museum of Art

The Town Hall

In the town hall there is the municipal council. Local policy is determined by the CDU (Conservatives), the SPD (Social Democrats), the Greens, the FDP (Liberals) and others. The last election was in autumn 1999. The tower of the town hall is 55 m high. On the 10 th floor there is a little museum. It shows old things which were used in offices. From the top of the tower you have beautiful views of Mülheim.

Rathausturm The tower of the town hall, seen from the river

The Müga Park

Müga means Mülheimer Gartenschau. It opened in 1992 and is the biggest and most beautiful park in Mülheim. There are flowers and trees, playgrounds, fountains, a nice water playground and restaurants. In an old water tower there is the "Camera Obscura", in another old water tower there is the water-museum "Aquarius". Both towers are very interesting. Beautiful walks in the park connect the centre of Mülheim with other districts: Styrum and Broich. In Styrum you can visit the water museum "Aquarius", and the maor house of Styrum is nearby. There is a good restaurant. In summer you can sit outside in the beer garden. The "Fossilien-Pfad" (fossiles walk) connects the Müga Park with the southern district of Saarn. It's very nice to walk there, there are several small playgrounds, and you can see the old quarry. People like to go for a walk in the Müga park or to sit down on a bench. In summer many people have picnics on the beautiful meadows.

Müga Müga Park

More about the Camera Obscura

In a historical water tower near the Ruhr there is the only camera in the world you can go into. You can see panorama pictures from the outside world in a dark room. This room is an attraction which was built for the "Müga" and was the idea of film director Werner Nekes. You have to pay an admission fee and on a fine clear day you can see much of Mülheim. In the tower there is also a restaurant.

Camera Obscura The Camera Obscura

The "Ringlokschuppen"

The "Ringlokschuppen" (loco shed) in the Müga is a place of cultural interest: There are a theatre, a disco, a restaurant, live music, many workshops, an open-air-theatre and much more for young and old people. Inside and outside and on the meadows festivities often take place. So the Ringlokschuppen and of course the Müga are very popular. The Ringlokschuppen is located near the Camera Obscura.

The old water tower "Aquarius" and the Manor of Styrum

It's very interesting to visit the water tower. You have to climb the stairs outside the tower or to use the lift inside. Children love to play with the computers. They can learn much about water, they have to answer questions and they can play simulation games - all about water. At the end the computer shows how many points they have got. Nearby is the manor house. Now it's a restaurant with a lovely beer garden. On summer evenings many people sit here and enjoy their drink or meal.

Aquarius Aquarius water tower

Raffelberg race course

The race course "Raffelberg" in Speldorf is very popular. The horse races take place on Wednesdays and on weekends. Women and children don't have to pay on weekends. One of the highlights is the race for the "Silver Ribbon of the Ruhr".

The airport

From the little airport in Mülheim you can do sightseeing flights in small aeroplanes. The most famous plane is the old "Red Baron", it's a biplane. There are also flights to Eastern Germany and to the isles in the North Sea. But the very special thing in Mülheim's airport is the air-ship! You can visit the hangar and it's popular to go on a trip by the air-ship. It has become a symbol of Mülheim. Around the airport there are some more footpaths in the fields.

The River Ruhr

The Ruhr is a clean river. It is 236 kms long and 14 kms belong to Mülheim. In the Ruhr there are many fishes. You can go fishing, canoeing, walking, or on a boat cruise, and you can relax on one of the many camping grounds. In the south of Mülheim there is the youth hostel. It is located near the Ruhr and the Kahlenberg hill. You can undertake beautiful walks from there or you can see the lovely Ruhr valley by boat. In summer many people love it to make a trip by boat. The boats of the "Weiße Flotte" (White fleet) start at the water station. The water station was built in 1926. Now it is a restaurant with a nice beer garden.

Jugendherberge The youth hostel

The romantic Ruhr Valley

It's lovely to walk along the river Ruhr. And it's nice to have a rest in one of the restaurants beside the river.
The "Ruhrtalbrücke" is 65 m high and 1830 m long. The motorway goes over it to Düsseldorf.
The Ruhr is always nice - in summer and in winter.

Ruhrwiesen Meadows along the river with the skyline of Mülheim in the background


Mülheim has got lots of footpaths in nearly every district. The most beautiful paths go along the river and through the Uhlenhorst forest.There you can visit a tree nursery. It's very interesting for school classes. Along the river Ruhr there is the longest footpath. It goes from Duisburg through Mülheim to the source of the Ruhr. It takes about seven days to walk along there, but one of its nicest parts is in Mülheim.

The "Bismarckturm"

The tower was renovated - and now you can go inside it. It's built for cultural use. Inside there is an art studio. It's a nice walk up the Kahlenberg hill to the tower.


Mintard is a little village which belongs to Mülheim. It's very popular for weddings.