The Projects

This page is an index to the results of the several projects that were part of the "Communities in Change" partnership. Please click on the links to view the pages which show the results in detail.

Note: While most of the projects were carried out in English, some contributions are in German only and some in both languages.

The Industrial Revolution

Zollverein XII, Essen


Deutschland in der Industriellen Revolution:
Ein ‹berblick (in German)

Fabrikarbeit (in German)

Die Dampfmaschine (in German)

Die Industrielle Revolution
in Mülheimer Straßennamen (in German)

The Industrial Revolution in Darlington

The Development of the Communities


Kuusankoski (Finland) -
a paper town

Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany) -
a mining and metal industry town

Darlington (England) -
the birthplace of the railways

The Ruhr region in change -
new uses for old industrial sites

Traffic and transport


Local industries

The environment


The town centres


Leisure and entertainment

Community life and social relations


Jobs for children / pocket money

old town
industrial townscape

migrants: children



Migration and mobility -
a project on migration in Finland

Migration in Mülheim an der Ruhr
(in German)

Migration in der Industrialisierung:
Zuwanderung im Ruhrgebiet
(in German)

Zuwanderung in Deutschland heute
(in German)

Migrants talk about their personal experiences
(in English and German)

Viewing Our Industrial Environment:
An Art Project