What Relationships Mean in Our Lives

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Families: Students' Work -
Unusual Family Members


Members of My Family

My Grandpa

My Dead Grandfather

My Aunt

My Great-Aunt


Degas, The Bellelli family

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Members of My Family

Family is the most important thing for everyone, because friendships can be ended but family will always be family. In a family there can be problems but family members must stick together and help each other in difficulties.

A family is also important, because of your education and if you haven't a family you have no home so you would have to live in a childrens' care home, without any siblings you need fortelling your worries.

Mothers are the most important persons in our families, because they gave birth to us. Our mother is often also the person who worries most about us.

Siblings are also important, because you grow up with them.

No matter where the family is from - from Germany, Turkey or Sri Lanka - sisters and brothers quarrel with each other, but after 1 hour or so they reconcile again, because they love each other.

In many families the father is always working. If he didn't work so hard the family wouldn't have enough money.

Family is simply great! You can't do it without special family members.

(authors: G. and N., Germany)


My Grandpa

In the following text I describe my grandpa.

His name is Arnold. Together with his wife Gisela, he lives in Mülheim-Heißen. He is approximately 1,70 metres tall and has a bald head and some grey hair. He wears glasses and sometimes he wears a cap. Since he loves animals he comes to our home every morning and takes care of the chicken. Then he goes outside with our dog Berta. I think Berta and he are best friends. I cannot even say who of them is more happy when they see each other.

My grandpa is also very interested in sports. Some years ago he played handball in a team, then he switched to tennis. Nowadays he just plays tennis once in a while. If he visits us, he plays football with us as well. I think he is very fit and sportive. I like him very much, because he is  everyday cheerful and very friendly. He is also very humorous.

(author: L., Germany)


My Dead Grandfather

I would like to describe my grandfather.

My grandfather was 1.67 m tall and he had grey, short hair. His eyes were green like my eyes. He wasn't slim and he had no beard. He said: “Whenever I think, my face gets a new wrinkle.”

My grandfather was one of the cleverest and most intelligent people I have ever known.
He was very gifted. He grew up near Dresden in a very rural area, so he learned to work with wood, metal and other material. When my mother and my uncle were born he made dolls' houses or cars. Maybe his favourite place was his workshop.

My grandfather had all the good character traits like these perfect grandfathers in books.
He was cheerful if his children or grandchildren were too. He was calm, reliable, honest and patient.

He watched all the football games of my brother and my cousins. He was always there when my sister had competitions.  And he was always happy if we had good marks.

I am so happy that he was there all the time. I think not many children have a grandfather like him.

(authors: I., Germany)


My Aunt

My aunt is 42 years old and her name is Caro. She is the little sister of my mother. She doesn't have children, but whenever she is with children, she is very nice to them.

When I was younger, I often went to her house. It was always very funny, we often listened to loud music and danced around the house. When we didn't dance around the house or listened to music, we watched films, went to the cinema, went for a walk along the Ruhr or went shopping.

Whenever I am unhappy and sad, she says funny things and comforts me. I have a lot of aunts, but I think she is the best. She has a dog, his name is Nico and he is a golden Labrador. Caro's boyfriend is very nice, his name is Christoph, he has known me since I was born. The last two years I haven't seen them so often because they have to work a lot and I have football matches or meet my friends.

My aunt and me like the same things and listen to the same music, like reggae, rap or punk. One of our favourite rappers is Samy Deluxe. She is very ironic and me, too. It's very funny when we talk about people, music or school. It's always great fun, so I love her very much. I think we are very similar but very different, too.

When I am older, I hope I will be as cool as her, but I want to have children and a husband. It's very nice to have such a cool aunt.

(author: J., Germany)


My Great-Aunt

My great-aunt called Ute is sixty-one years old and lives in Berlin. I like her very much, because she is an honest person. I can talk with her about everything for example about problems or funny things :).

She is divorced. Ute is just as tall as me, she has grey wavy hair and wonderful brown eyes and a very interesting style.

Her favourite colours are blue, grey and white.

She is a cheerful person, she laughs about a lot of things, it's often very funny to be with her.

Ute is very interested in other cultures and she loves it to travel countries and learn about other cultures. I think she is the best great-aunt who I can have! :)

(author: from Germany)