What Relationships Mean in Our Lives

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One important part of the work in Comenius multilateral school partnerships - the kind of project that this one belongs to - are international students' workshops. For these, students from all the schools that participate come together at one of the schools for a few days. They have already got to know each other and collaborated through a social network which is part of the project. Now, at the workshops, they meet face to face, work together on the topics of the project, celebrate together and explore the host country and its culture.

During the two years that the project runs for, three such meetings took place at host schools in different parts of Europe (in a wider sense since one of the hosts is a school in the Asian part of the Turkish Republic).

The following pages give impressions of what was going on at these students' workshops. They also show some of the results of the collaboration during the meetings.


Gebze (Turkey), March 2012

Horsens (Denmark), September 2012

Bydgoszcz (Poland), March 2013