What Relationships Mean in Our Lives

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Meetings: Horsens


Lundskolen: a class

Lundskolen: inside a classroom


From 18 to 21 September 2012, the second project meeting for the students (plus a smaller one for the teachers) took place at Horsens, Denmark. This time 22 students and 18 teachers from 5 out of the 6 schools (the 6th was the host school) travelled to the meeting. Again, the students stayed with the families of students of the host school, Lundskolen, a secondary school in the village of Lund, a few kilometers west of Horsens.

The programme was centered around joint activities of the students. On the first morning, everybody met in the hall, then a tour of the school followed, with students from Year 7 as guides. Later there was a number of ice-breaking activities to get to know each other better. Many of the students had already been in contact through the project TwinSpace but here they were able to meet in person. Some non-competitive sports activities rounded up the day. Since Lundskolen end at 1.30 p.m. each day, the students weree able to spend the afternoon with their hosts, doing whatever they liked.


sports activities

Sports and games on the first day


On the second day, there were a number of international workshops. Each student had to choose which one he or she wanted to take part in. The workshops were headed by teachers from all the participating schools, and English was the working language for all involved.


the drama group at work

The drama group at work


Several workshops dealt with the topic of the project, i.e. peer group relationships. For example, in the drama group, the students developed a story about friendship which was then transferred to a sequence of scenes which were acted out. The music workshop composed a song about friends, complete with lyrics, and practised performing it. But there were also sports games, a cooking workshop with specialties from the participating countries, a "journalism" group that kept track of the activities and covered them, and, somewhat more exotic, a dance workshop that practised the Spanish flamenco.


work in the gym

Work in the gym


On the third day, there was a presentation in front of many students and teachers of the results of the workshops, with a lot of applause for the efforts and outcomes of the various groups. After that, the hosts took their guests into the centre of Horsens for some sightseeing and, perhaps more importantly, shooping. The guest teachers, on the other hand, taught Danish classes about topics that were related to the project. This was quite an experience both for the Danish students and for the foreign teachers.


the music group performing

At the presentation, the music group performs its self-written song


students dancing flamenco

Also at the presentation, flamenco dancing is shown, including a traditional dress


After all the work done, the final day was reserved for a visit to a regional sight, the Legoland theme park in Billund. In spite of the rain, everyone had fun there.

When the guests said goodbye to return to their home countries, there were quite a few tears on the hosts' and the guests' side, and that is a sign that the meeting was a great success. All the visitors thanked the Danish families for their hospitality and the teachers for organising the meeting so perfectly.