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The Usefulness of Facebook

Effective Communication through Facebook?

How I Became a Facebook Member

My Life with Facebook

Using Facebook to Find Information

The Pros and Cons

Facebook and Other Social Networks


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Effective Communication through Facebook?

Do you think Facebook is a good way of communicating with other people?

Yes, mostly because it is free and there is no time limit. For example, if you want to call or text a friend but you have no credit you could use Facebook or if your friend is abroad.
K., girl, United Kingdom

It's good to communicate, but I prefer to talk with friends face to face. But when we can't do it Facebook is good idea, because it's free and most of us got it.
K., girl, Poland

I think it's a good way to communicate with each other because you have no time limit and when you don't have time to call your friends or meet them, you can write them on Facebook.
N., girl, Germany

I think Facebook is just for small talk. For longer talks it takes too much time. The best communication is with Skype or by phone or ... meeting.
L., boy, Germany

For me yes, but Facebook has a little danger, to meet someone from the social network, as it is not at all likely that you're talking to who you think you're talking.
A., girl, Spain

Yes, I think Facebook is a good way of communication because you can talk with people from other countries and the most important, you can do this in real time, if everyone writes you anything, you can see it at the moment!
J., boy, Spain


How I Became a Facebook Member

When and why did you start using a social network?

I became a Facebook member about 2 years ago shortly after my 13th birthday. I became a member because it was a quick and easy way to talk to my friend and if there was something I needed to know on short notice, e.g. about homework due in the next day, I could go on Facebook and ask my friends. Although I don't go on very often.
K., girl, United Kingdom

I i started to use Facebook when I was 11, I think. It was my best friend who helped me start so I could interact with our classmates.
S., girl, Denmark

I don't really know when I became a Facebook member but I became a Facebook member because lots of friends had Facebook.
B., girl, Germany

I started to use Facebook two years ago. In Spain, my country, most of the children use not Facebook, because we usually use 'Tuenti and Twitter'; these are the most common social networks. But I made a Facebook account two years ago, because I went to an international campsite in summer and I met lot of people, but they have neither Tuenti nor Twitter, but all of them had Facebook and I created it to have the possibility to talk with them in the future. It was an excellent idea, because now, all my Facebook contacts are from other countries.
M., boy, Spain

I became a Facebook member because I have lots of friends who live in England that I only see in summer and to keep the friendship you must talk to them while you are not together. And on the other hand, my cousins live in Italy and I use Facebook to keep the contact.
M., girl, Poland


My Life with Facebook

Has Facebook changed your life, and if it has, in which ways?

Not really. I lived just fine without it before and I could still live without it if I wanted or needed to.
K., girl, United Kingdom

I think it changed much in the communication between people, everybody writes and posts and shares and some people forget about their 'real life'.
N., girl, Germany

Facebook didn't change my life. But some people think Facebook is their life ;)
A., girl, Germany

I don't have Facebook, but I have an account on another Spanish social network called "Tuenti", and I think that I can't live without it.
A., boy, Spain

Being truthful- I think Facebook has changed my life! It's very addictive for games and I love to chat with my friends and see what they are doing. Sometimes it is the only way I can get in touch with them and so after school I generally spend lots of time chatting.
S., girl, United Kingdom


Using Facebook to Find Information

To what extent do you use Facebook to get information from institutions or organisations, from companies, or from individual people about a certain topic (but not the daily life of a friend)?

Not much really. occasionally for homework or advertising a fund-raising event for school or friends but that's about it really.
K., girl, United Kingdom

I use it to know about something such as news about a book that is coming out soon or a movie or some famous people. And also for people who upload images or art things that I always like to check and try to paint myself. I don't really use it for seeing the life of my friends because for that I have them all days ;)
S., girl, Spain

S sometimes I gain information about events happening in my area. But most of the time I wait till I get told by a friend so I know it's real! My school updates its Facebook page to tell us if there are any problems or days off, e.g. snow days.
S., girl, United Kingdom


Pros and Cons

What advantages and disadvantages do you see in social networks?

the advantages that I see are:

  • you can talk to your friends
  • you are informed about anything important that is happening
  • it is well known, so if you make friends abroad you can add them (cause they will probably have it too )
  • you can keep in touch with family and also with family that may be living abroad
  • it is free to use
  • it is allowed to be used in most counties (except China maybe)
  • you have to be a certain age to get an account

    the disadvantages that I see are:
  • some people add people they don't know
  • some people lie about their age
  • some people lie about who they are
  • you can't tell if someone is lying
  • some people get cyberbullied
  • some people put up their private information, e.g. home address, mobile number etc.
  • some people put up inappropriate pictures and comments
  • it is a bad form of socialization, e.g. kids always on their phones, using bad language etc.
  • people get stalked and abused because of it
  • sometimes there is peer pressure to get an account
  • some people follow the 'trends' e.g. like-ing a comment or a picture because their friend liked it

As you can probably see I think that the cons outweigh the pros. That says a lot since I still have an account. But I only add people I know or people I feel I know.
K., girl, United Kingdom

I think advantages are that you can see who is doing what and when, you can share everything with your friends all the time. One big disadvantage is that you can quickly lose control of who can see what, and you can't delete from the internet what you upload there.
N., girl, Germany

I agree, but I think another pro of Facebook is that you can meet new people on the Internet, and communicate with them while being separated by a long distance.
J., boy, Spain


Facebook and Other Social Networks

Are you a member of a social network other than Facebook?

S., girl, Poland

I'm only registered in Facebook; all my friends are there so I don't need any other social network.
H., girl, Germany

I have lots of accounts. I have a Facebook account (to speak with friends that are living abroad), a Tuenti account (the most common social network in Spain), Hotmail (to send homework or projects to the teachers) and I have recently created a Twitter account. I think they are excessive but I use them.
M., boy, Spain

I am a member of many social networks. I have Skype and Facebook to talk with people from other countries or other cities, I also have a Hotmail account to send projects to friends or teachers and I have a Tuenti account, very common in Spain, to talk with my friends everyday and upload photos.
S., girl, Spain