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Virtual Friendship: Forums -
Social Networks: Rules and Abuse

Rules for Facebook

Parental Rules

Knowing the Risks

Jokes or Bullying



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Rules for Facebook

What rules would you suggest for the use of Facebook?

  • Only add people you really know.
  • Don't post things that will be considered inappropriate / offensive or mean
  • Don't bully other users; if you can't be nice don't get an account
  • Ask people if / before you post / upload things / pictures about them
  • Only like comments or pictures or conversations if you really 'like' them
  • If you don't want people to see your conversations talk in the chat room
  • If something bad happens on Facebook that you are not sure what to do about it ask someone, e.g. a parent or teacher
  • Don't start arguments
  • Don't organise social events such as fights or riots
  • Don't say / write things about people that you wouldn't say to their face
  • Don't say / write / upload things that you wouldn't want your parents to see
  • Don't say /write / upload things that would upset people
  • Don't say /write / upload things that would get you in trouble
  • Don't accept friend requests if you don't know the person who sent it
  • Don't meet people off Facebook who you haven't met before or don't know
  • If you do decide to meet them tell an adult where you are going or take someone with you (preferably an adult)
  • Tell your friends to do the same!

K., girl, United Kingdom


Parental Rules

Do your parents have rules or conditions for your use of Facebook? If so, what type of rules are they?

I don't have any rules when I'm on Facebook, but sometimes when I'm sitting too long at the computer my mum says that I have to turn the computer off.
A., girl, Germany

They don´t have rules for my use of Facebook because they trust in me and I don´t use it too much.
M., girl, Spain

I also haven't any rules to use the social networks but this is because I prefer spend my time with my friends and for that I don't need a social network. I usually only chat to meet them. Finally my conclusion is that we haven't to have rules to be responsible in our life.
A., boy, Spain

My mum limits my time on Facebook. She also deactivates my account for a week if she finds anything unsuitable or not for her liking. She also has the password to herself and only lets me log on if she is supervising. If I am good she logs it in on my phone.
S., girl, United Kingdom


Knowing the Risks

Have you ever been taught about the risks of social networks?

Yes, and there are a lot of risks. There's the risk of being transparent so that everybody knows you. That could lead to getting threatened by strangers or getting bullied. Also you could not get your dream job because your employer would check on your profile and see some party pics of you, dancing drunk on a table ... So take care folks!
S., girl, Germany

Yes, I have thought about the risks, and I think there are a lot, such as, everybody can see what you write or your photos, or people can insult you through the Internet anonymously. But I think you must know all the risks and you must be cautious, but you need not be afraid.
S., girl, Spain

Yes! We had a whole term on keeping safe! Facebook can be a very unsafe place to be if you don't take the right measures.
S., girl, United Kingdom


Jokes or Bullying

Where do you see the boundary between jokes and serious bullying?

Joking is when it's your mate saying something in fun. Bullying is where you purposefully go out of your way to be mean to someone.
K., girl, United Kingdom

Jokes are when all people can laugh, and bullying is when only a person or a group can laugh.
A., girl, Germany

I think it's a joke if the person who they are laughing at likes the joke too, and he or she doesn't mind about it. Bullying can be when people make this person feel uncomfortable and if he / she asks them to stop they continue with this.
A., girl, Spain



Have you ever been bullied online, or do you know someone who has been? What were the consequences?

No, I haven't, but if I had I would have told someone to try and get it stopped and if that hadn't worked I would have confronted them myself to tell them.
K., girl, United Kingdom

No. I've never been bullied online and I don't know a person who was bullied online.. I'm glad of that and I don't wish anyone anything like this. How can people do such thing?! I think this is awful!
M., girl, Poland

Cyberbullying causes a lot of terrible fates. Latest example: Amanda Todd. She had been bullied via Facebook until she hung herself. Ironically she's getting famous via Facebook and YouTube now.
S., girl, Germany

I have been bullied numerous amounts of times via Facebook with indirect statuses and photos of myself I did not want. After receiving hurtful messages to my account, I blocked them on Facebook. But then they used my e-mail address. My mum phoned into school so that they caught the person bullying me.
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