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Life without Facebook

Your Life without Facebook

Outsiders or Realists?


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Your Life without Facebook

What would your life be like if you did not have Facebook?

Not that different, but perhaps I would have a bit less social contact and there wouldn't be so many ways friends could upload some worksheets I left at school.
S., girl, Germany

Life before Facebook was more social in human level, life after Facebook is less social in human level but more in digital level. Life without Facebook! Wow, is it worth thinking about?
A., girl, Turkey

It wouldn't be that different but I wouldn't like it because I like to be in contact with my friends and I like to know what's going on in their lives.
S., girl, Denmark

I would not have that much contact with other people that I'm not so close to because for me, Facebook is a place to talk to people that you don't see every day. I wouldn't be able to see what other people are up to and I think I would miss that. I don't think I would lose friends because I see my closest friends every day.
M., girl, Denmark

Seven or eight months ago I had a profile in Facebook. Firstly I didn't use it a lot because I didn't have a lot of free time and I didn't know how to use it. But in summer I started to use it a lot, and I didn't do some things because of it. My life would be good without Facebook!
L., girl, Spain

Personally, I believe that our lives would be very boring. Facebook is the subject of our conversations most days. However, I can understand when people are stressed about bullying because it is easy to cyberbully on the internet on social networking sites such as Facebook.
V., girl, United Kingdom


Outsiders or Realists?

What do you think of people your age who do not use Facebook at all?

I think that that is their choice and they shouldn't be judged cause of it. They are still people at the end of the day and how they choose to live is up to them. Sometimes when I see people who are totally consumed by Facebook I think that people without it are all the more sensible for not letting the 'trends' and 'fashion' influence them.
K., girl, United Kingdom

It's their life. If they don't see any need to have Facebook, no one can force them to get it. Nevertheless, the Facebook community is growing more and more. Some say, our live has split into two different worlds, the "real life" and Facebook (perhaps I am exaggerating, let's say, for most of the people it's the whole internet, not just Facebook). If some people want to live in just "one world", it's their decision.
S., girl, Germany

I think it's nice when people don't have Facebook!
L., girl, Denmark

People my age are sometimes bullied for not having Facebook. But sometimes they have their reasons. Some people's parents don't like them having Facebook as they think it is unsafe. But some people don't have Facebook simply because they either aree not interested or they don't have time. I'm not particularly bothered if my friends don't have Facebook as there are a lot of other ways to keep in touch and chat with them.
S., girl, United Kingdom