What Relationships Mean in Our Lives

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Virtual Friendship: Students' Work - Short Stories


A Rich Girl on the Web

The Wrong Friend

Mark and His Best Friend Ian

Life, Real or Not?

A True Facebook Story

An Unusual Love Story

Be Yourself

Facebook Detective Story

A Friendship on the Internet

Just a Dinosaur

The Social Network


Cell Phone Short Short Stories


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A Rich Girl on the Web

Carla was a young girl who was sixteen years old. She and her family lived in Madrid. She was a rich person who had all the things that she could imagine but she did not have a lot of friends. Her parents were the owners of a famous Spanish factory.

One day, her parents told to her that they had to move to Norway because they had to do an important thing there. She was so sad because of it, and she cried a lot.

There, at the new school, she hoped to find new friends quickly. A lot of girls were interested in her because she had a lot of money. Carla added them to her Facebook profile. She became so popular at the school. She had all the things that she could imagine and she had a lot of new friends. She always thought, "How amazing country Norway is, people here are very kind and friendly, I love it!".

Another day, when she was at her Facebook profile she realized that all her “new friends” were insulting her, and she realized that they were not her real friends, because they only wanted her to get things from her.

Finally, in the following days, she met some new friends and she began to be really happy. She fell in love with the most handsome boy in the school. And they started going out. She learnt that a good, real and loyal friend is the person who you can trust and who you know very well.

(author: L., girl, Spain)


The Wrong Friend

Every afternoon, when Phoebe arrived home, she went to her bedroom; she switched on the computer and checked her messages. She had always thought that social networks were for people without real friends but she had met a boy in one of them. Now she thought that social networks were fantastic.

Phoebe was 17, so she was in her last year at school but she had never had boyfriend. Her best friend, Samantha, was very famous among boys at school. Sam was beautiful, clever and slim and the majority of the boys loved her, it was very difficult to be her friend. Because of that, she decided to sign up on a social network to meet people and find a boyfriend.  Max, the boy who chatted to was very funny and romantic, nothing like her brother Max, who was 18 and always was disturbing. They did not get on well at all.

She spent her time chatting to max and she really had great times. Phoebe wanted to meet him; however she was worried because, maybe the boy would not like her. During the next weeks their relationship improved and finally they decided to meet.

The day arrived and when they saw each other they started to laugh. The boy was her brother, Max. Phoebe had lost a boyfriend but she had won a new friend, her brother.

(author: A., girl, Spain)


Mark and His Best Friend Ian

Mark was a short boy who lived in a small city in Spain. He was sixteen years old, and he was kind and funny. In his school, he was a very good student but the only problem was that he was not popular. He was shy and he had problems when he wanted to speak with other girls.

His best friend was Ian, but this boy lived in the USA. He felt lonely, but when he arrived home, he chatted to him. It was the best part of the day for Mark.

In June, his parents let him go to the USA. It was fantastic news for him! He had been chatting to him since he was thirteen, and now he was going to meet him. He had met him in a social network and now his dream was going to make it real.

He travelled by plane and the trip was twelve hours. He went to Ian’s house and he could see his friend. Ian was not the same person as on the Internet, because he was uglier than in his picture, he only had a few friends and he was not as intelligent as he had said.

They got to know each other better during a month and they could live new experiences together. Mark thought he was better person than in Facebook and he discovered a new best friend, the real Ian.

In my opinion, I think it is very important to tell the truth and be honest, not as Ian who told lies to Mark. If he had said how his real life was, Mark would have felt more comfortable talking to him.

(author: M., boy, Spain)


Life, Real or Not

Nina was a fifteen-year-old girl, she lived in Atlanta and her only family, her father, was very proud or her. Klaus was a widower, his wife Elisa had died when Nina was born. At first he could not stay in the same room as her daughter but when the hospital stopped taking care of Nina, he realized that what he was feeling was not right. Since that day Nina was everything for Klaus, and he could not live without his daughter.

On her fifteen birthday, she was a very popular girl, she had a boyfriend called Luke and good marks. She had everything she needed. But with her friends she was not herself. Even with Luke, who was a very good boy, she was kind of a lie. She loved him and her friends, but she was not sure if they would still love her if they knew what she was like.

Time passed and Nina felt worse and worse among her friends. So, one day, she decided to create a Facebook account to meet people like her. She loved reading and writing and she hated drinking alcohol. Every day the best time she spent was in front of her computer, talking to new people that where like her. When she arrived home, she just did her schoolwork and opened the Facebook account she had created.

Her marks were good, she spent the same time with her friends, but she knew that they were not her real friends, because they did not know the truth about her. She also knew that one day she would have to tell them who she really was, but it was not that easy.

After a few weeks talking to an Internet friend called Thalia, funny and scary at the same time, they decided to meet. They two agreed that they had to take their parents with them, so, they chose a popular place in the Shopping Centre and they chose a day and an hour. Their first meeting was great, the parents easily became good friends, and the girls connected as if they had known each other since they were little.

Nina began to leave her school friends, and they realized it. They talked to Nina, and they tried to spend more time with her, but she did not make things easier to meet with them, so they stopped trying. Finally she was alone at her school, her friends did not talk to her, and she was feeling alone and depressed at school. Instead the afternoons with her new friend were incredible.

One day Klaus talked to Nina’s friends and explained everything to them; they understood, and Nina introduced Thalia to the others. Finally, they were all good friends, Nina and Thalia tried to be more friendly and the others forgave her for lying to them and began to care about the things Thalia and Nina liked.

Today they continue being friends, but about this we have to learn that the Internet must be used with control, like Nina and Thalia did when they decided to take their parents to the meeting.

(author: S., girl, Spain)


A True Facebook Story

I met Bobby on the Internet. We started to talk in a sports forum. We were both professional basketball players and we fast started to talk in Facebook. We did not have a photo in our profile so we could not see each other.

We were speaking for a month and we spoke nearly every day. One day I decided it was time to share a photo. We thought the best way to do it was using our Facebook profiles. Some days after that conversation we submited our photos.

I got really angry when I saw his photo. He had taken it from another website called Tumblr. At the beginning, I did not know what to do but after some weeks I decided to ask him about it. He said that I was wrong but lately he told me the truth. He told me he was not comfortable showing his photos to anybody because he did not like himself.

When he told me that, I found it so sweet that I decided the best way to solve the problem was meeting in real life. We met and I told him about Youtube, a website where you can make your own videos.

Now he likes himself, many people watch his videos and guess what ... We are married!

(author: A., girl, Spain)


An Unusual Love Story

Once upon a time there were a couple who lived together ten years, but then they had an argument and they got divorced.

Three years after the divorce, they decided to start an account on a page where you could meet people. They did not know that they were in the same position.

Remy, the woman, met a man who lived in the same country, England, and the same city, Stevenage. His name was William. It was the same name as the one her ex-husband had.

William, the man, met a woman who lived in the same country, England, and in the same city, Stevenage. Her name was Remy; it was the same name as the one his ex-wife had.

They were chatting for two months; then they decided to meet. To make it more romantic they decided to meet in the capital of the country, London, in Green Park.

Remy was very nervous; she went to the hairdresser, she bought an elegant coat and a beautiful dress. She wanted that everything was alright.

William was very nervous too, but he decided to watch a football match on TV and be patient with the time.

When the day came, Remy was very beautiful and Will was calm. But then they saw each other, and their minds changed. They were wife and husband forever!

It´s a small world!

(author: M., girl, Spain)


Be Yourself

Sam and Julia were new in high school, they first met when they were three years old and now they were best friends. Sam was very shy and she was not very good at making friends. Julia was a little peculiar and a bit strange, but she was a person who you can trust and very funny.

In high school, the two girls were alone every day, but one day it changed. Luke was the most popular boy in the high school and he began to flirt with Sam. After a few days, the popular girls began to talk with Sam, because they were jealous, and Sam started to change her personality and her clothes, and she left her best friend Julia.

But these girls did not want to be her friends, they only wanted to know the secrets of Sam to tell them to everybody. But it was not enough to make Luke break up with Sam, so they decided to record with a video camera themselves hitting Sam, and after that they uploaded it on Internet.

So one day, they met and the girls began to hit Sam for an hour. Meanwhile, they were recording all the fight. Later they left Sam in the harbour, and when her parents found her, they took her to the hospital. She was there for a week and later when she was at home she was very scared.

Her parents called the police, but Sam did not want that the girls went to prison, so they only had to leave their high school. Sam began to go with Julia again, and they became best friends again. Sam would never forget it, and with Julia next to her all would be right.

(author: S., girl, Spain)


Facebook Detective Story

That morning, James got up early. He looked really tired because he could not sleep last night, pondering his new case. James was a detective. He and his partner Sean had solved many complicated cases, but this one was not being easy, at least for him.

Diana Jones and Ryan Thomson were a happy young couple, recently married. He was the son of a rich businessman, and she had a big fortune inherited from his grandmother.

Two days before, Ryan contacted Sean and James, desperate. His wife had disappeared five days ago and the policemen had not progressed in the investigation.

She disappeared suddenly. One night she was sleeping with her husband and the next day she was not there. No one had forced the door and there were no broken windows. It seemed that she had left the house on her own feet, but all her clothes and personal belongings were still in the house.

When James and Sean went to the couple's house to investigate, they discovered that, indeed, the door had not been forced and no window was broken. When they inspected the room, Sean found a note with numbers. He told James that he was going to investigate it and he was going to tell him what he had discovered the next day; that was the reason why James was so upset.

When he reached the office, Sean approached him and said that he had solved the case. James could not wait to hear the explanation. His partner explained him that those numbers were a password with which you could access Ryan's bank account. Had Diana discovered everything looking at Ryan's Facebook profile? James had a look at hers. The detective saw that she had uploaded a lot of pictures of a house at the beach where she had  lived, apparently with her grandmother. He also found that among her contacts there was one contact that caught his attention: Diana's grandmother.

So they discovered that Ryan Thomson's wife was not who she said. Her grandmother had not died, and she had not inherited her fortune. She married Ryan only to get his bank password and when she got it, she went with her grandmother to the house at the beach. Diana and her "grandmother" were not family, they were two thieves who had planned everything from the beginning.

The police stopped them when they were starting another similar robbery. Diana said to the police that she had discovered Ryan's bank password through social networks. Finally, Ryan tried to erase his personal information from Facebook, but it was too late.

(author: M., girl, Spain)


A Friendship on the Internet

Nicole was a new student in St. James’ High School. She was very shy and quiet, and in this school she did not know anyone. She did not know how to make new friends and nobody talked to her because they thought she was strange. So she started connecting to the Internet every evening while everyone was outside.

She was registered in a lot of social networks, and one day she found a girl on Facebook who liked the same music and the same books as her, and even though she was not sure about this because she had not met her before, she added her to her friends. The following day they began chatting and this girl called Susan seemed to Nicole a very kind and polite person. They talked about their favourite singers, writers, movies … Nicole did not have friends at school yet, but she felt less alone when she talked with Susan, and she discovered that she was from her city.

The next month, Nicole was buying some CDs at her favourite shop when she recognised Susan buying a book. They hugged each other and spent the afternoon together. After a few weeks, Nicole made some friends at school because of Susan, who taught her how to be friendly and not to be so shy.

(author: A., girl, Spain)


Just a Dinosaur

This is a real story. I cannot remember when I heard it first, and there are some details I have completely forgotten, but it is a singular anecdote and I would like those who do not know it yet to hear about it.

The story started on a social network, Facebook. An Australian man had written a message to a famous mobile phone company. He told them that he had bought many different objects from the company, and he asked them for a new mobile phone, but for free, because he thought he had spent enough money. So far, it is not an exceptional story. The strange thing was that he attached a hand-made drawing of a dinosaur with the text. It was not an amazing drawing, but the company had humor and denied his petition with another hand-made drawing: a kangaroo cycling.

M any people had that man and that company as friends on Facebook, and the drawings crossed the world rapidly on the Internet. It was a very good publicity for the company so they decided to give that Australian man the mobile phone he asked for. And they put the dinosaur on the mobile's cover.

This is not an important story, but it shows how the Internet can make somebody get something because of people's  curiosity. And there are many different anecdotes like this one on the Internet. However, what is sure is that there is no other man in the world who has a mobile phone with such a special drawing.

(author: E., girl, Spain)


The Social Network

In 2012 everybody has Facebook, except Chloe. Chloe is a small, beautiful, smart, girl. Everybody loves Chloe because of her character. She plays volleyball and loves to spend time with her friends.

One day Chloe goes to the city to meet her friends. They go to Starbucks to drink a coffee and to talk about the new boys at school. The other girls have added them on Facebook and discuss and rave about them.

Chloe listens and drinks her coffee; she is bored by this conversation. A few minutes later the boys come into the coffee bar and the girls show their nicest side, except Chloe, who continues with her coffee.

The boys buy coffee and sit next to the girls. There is one boy who looks at Chloe all the time but Chloe doesn’t react. The other girls begin a conversation with the boys and everybody exchanges their numbers. Chloe does not feel well; she goes out and the boy follows her.

She sits on a bench and the boy asks her if she is ok. Chloe says, "Oh yes, but I’m a little bored." The boy sits next to her and laughs. "I’m bored too. By the way, my name is Jack." – "Hi Jack, my name is Chloe," she says. They talk about school and their homes and after a time he asks, "Do you have Facebook?” Chloe answers, "No, I don’t." The boy smiles and asks, "So if you don’t have Facebook, can I have your mobile phone number?" She writes the number on a piece of paper and gives it to him. She goes back into the coffee, takes her jacket and bag and goes home.

At home her mobile phone rings; a text message by Jack. "Hi, beauty J" - she smiles and answers him. They write the whole night, and the next day Chloe thinks about him and in the evening she registers on Facebook; then she adds Jack and he only accepts her, not the other girls.

Next day at school the friends of Chloe look jealously at her. She doesn’t know what has happened. At this moment Jack comes and smiles at her.
The other girls laugh and whisper to each other. Chloe sits on a bench and looks at her mobile phone. The other girls sit next to her and see that she is on Facebook now; she is texting with Jack.

Tiffany is very jealous about this and very angry, while the others are glad for Chloe. Jack is sending her hearts and smileys  and he wants to go out with her; Chloe accepts the date. Tiffany is very angry now and looks at the mobile phone. Chloe puts it next to herself and tells the other girls what they are writing about and how cute he is. While she is telling this, Tiffany takes the mobile phone and changes Chloe’s password, then puts it back.

After school Tiffany logs into Chloe’s account and writes bad things to Jack, that he is stupid, ugly, and so on. Chloe goes to the coffee house where she will meet Jack. She waits and waits and waits. After one hour later she wants to write to him; she takes her mobile phone to log in but she does not succeed, so she phones him. After five calls he answers the phone. "Jack ? Where are you? I’m waiting for you." Jack replies, "Why should I come when you are writing such bad things to me on Facebook? I quote: 'Jack, you are so stupid, ugly and narcissistic! I don't want to spend any time with you!" – "I wasn’t on Facebook after school because I can’t log in! That wasn’t me!" she says. Jack hangs up the phone. Chloe goes home and cries all night, and she doesn’t know that it will become worse.

The next day the students at school give her nasty looks, but Chloe doesn't know why. In class her friends tell her that embarrassing  photos of her are handed round. Jack has seen the photos and he doesn't want to have any further contact with her. Chloe doesn't know that Tiffany is behind all this.

By accident Jack gets a phone call. Tiffany is talking with a person and saying ,"Yes, it has worked, Jack isn’t speaking to Chloe any more!" Jack is stunned. He goes to Chloe and tells her everything. Chloe is stunned too. She hasn’t expected that, and she finishes her friendship with Tiffany.

Jack is very furious and goes to Tiffany. He pushes her and begins to shout at her, "Why did you do this? Are you stupid?" Tiffany is ashamed and looks at the ground. Jack goes on shouting; he is very angry but Tiffany apologizes to Chloe and to him. Chloe and Jack don’t want to accept this apology. Tiffany goes into the toilet and cries; the other girls follow her.

Jack wants to speak with Chloe alone so he takes her hand and goes to a bench. There he apologizes to her. "I’m so sorry that I believed that you would write these bad things to me: I hope you can forgive me and we can start a new friendship."

Chloe accepts the apology and Jack asks her for a date in the coffee house where they met the first time. Chloe is happy that the chaos is over and all turns out well.

She thinks about the consequences of the social networks and how dangerous it can be if you don't protect yourself, so be careful when you register with any social network.

(authors: F. and H., girls, Germany)



Lisa was new in her school. She began to like a boy. They were in the same class. After a while she began to meet him. A jealous girl was angry of her and began to bully her. She sent her messages with bad things; she wrote, "I hate you! Leave the school!" She told other people to do it too. After a while Lisa became mentally ill and left the school. Her parents tried to help her because she was scared. They tried to cheer her up to go to a school. In the end she started to go to a different school and felt much better there but she never forgot what happened in her old school.

(author: A., boy, Germany)


Cell Phone Short Short Stories

My facebook profile was stolen. When I saw it, it was already too late. I had to create a new profile. A new Email, new friends and new pictures.

I was really surprised, when I found out somebody hat stolen my profile. Who could it be? Maybe it was someone from my class? Maybe it was those really annoying girls. I hate them. They could have done something on my profile. Change my pictures, information, and write something on my profile.

Oh good. I had forgot to log out of my profile when we had a Math test.

I was going to create a now profil. The code should really hard. When I found out what my code should be like I created my profile. Then I found my picture and wrote my informations and so on.

(author: J., girl, Denmark)

My facebook account was stolen. When I saw it, it wastoo late. I didn’t know what I had to do. I didn’t know who it was. I saw it when I called my friend. She didn’t answer me.

I wrote to her, "Why do you not answer?" - "You should never contact me again before you have deleted  your photo on me on Facebook, okay?"

I ran down to my family in the living room and told my sister, "You need to go into my Facebook." She did, and she didn't look happy about what she saw.  I went over to her. "Ohh my god." I saw a photo of my friend - naked.

I started to cry. It could not be me, because I never had a nude photo of my friend.

My brother was good to computers and he found out of who it was. It was a man of 24. It was one of my friends' friends.

We drove over to my friend and told everything to her. She said it was okay and I got my lovely Facebook account back.

(author: S., girl, Denmark)

Her facebook account was stolen. When she noticed it, it was already too late. She could not log in with her Facebook code and her e-mail  had become changed.

She  made a friend look into her profile. Then she could see that the person who had hacked it had written all that crap to her friends.

Her friend wrote to the hacker, who answered like it was her. Her friend wrote, why have you hacked my friend? Are you stupid? The hacker just wrote, it is my profile.

She wrote that he had to get off and tell who he was - if not she would turn him in. The person wrote that it was one from her class but not who the person was. She knew that it was one she didn't like and the other way around. She wrote that the person was dead if she did not tell. She was told that she could just find out herself, then she would get her profile back - without changes.

She looked at what the person had written to her friends. She could see that the person wrote "bitch" a lot and "disgusting" with an extra "u". She guessed that it was Nanna, but it couldn't be. Mia! She knew it was her, because she wrote in the same way.

She wrote, it is Mia - She guessed right. Mia logged off and the e-mail was changed back again and she changed her code and was happy to get her profile back again.

(author: K., girl, Denmark)

My Facebook account was stolen. When I saw it I was in panic, how stupid could I be, it was my name with 123, "’Marie123’".

I had to call my dad. I asked my teacher if I could go to the toilet. I could. I called my dad.
He didn’t take it the first time I called, so I called again. "Hi sweetheart, what's up?" - "My Facebook account has been stolen!" There was silence for approximately half a minute. "It sounds weird, who could have done this?" - "I don’t know! Maybe my ex best friend Clara, she is angry because I said I don’t feel I was her best friend, after she had a boyfriend, Christopher." - "Do you think it could be her?" - "I don’t know."

There was a knock on the door on the toilet. It was my teacher. "Are your okay, Marie?" - "Yes, yes, I will come in a minute." - "Okay."

When I was in the class all the pupil looked at me, also Clara. When we had free time in the school Clara came over to me and Anne. "’Marie?" - "What?" - "Can I talk with you?" - "Ohm, yeah, okay?" I followed her.

"I am very, very sorry, about you and Christopher and me. Christopher said he doesn't like you at all, and we are also friends." - "FRIENDS?” I said with a high sound, “You were angry because I said I didn’t feel we were best friends. Is it you who has stolen my Facebook account?"

(author: N., girl, Denmark)

My Facebook account got stolen. When I first found out, was it already too late. If just I had thought twice. I should have been more careful. Now everyone can see all what I’ve ever done, they can use it.

What if it’s him who has stolen it? What if it’s Mathias? He hates me and will surely abuse it. Is it him, I have to find out. I should have thought more about safety, but I didn’t care.
Try to think, Mia, goddamn think twice.

I panic, the thought of what he can do scares me. What if it’s Mathias, is it him? I just don’t understand how he could get access to my account. Well, I told him my password that time. When we were together, when he was my boyfriend. I’m so stupid. At that point he was so sweet. What happened? Why did everything just break into pieces, and got ruined?

Why and how? I should never have told him, I should never had trusted him. I just can’t understand how I can remember it. I have to talk to him, ask him, call him. But what happened? I don’t know what I have to do.

I take my phone and call him. Why can I still remember that pig’s phone number? I don’t get it.

"Hello," I say. But no one answers. Why has he then taken it? I give up, I don’t want to do this anymore.

I make a new acccount, new pictures and new everything. I hope that they are not going to abuse it.

(author: E., girl, Denmark)

My Facebook account got stolen. When I found out, it was already too late. It sort of was my own mistake. I left my profile (as stupid as I was) and let everybody have free access to it.

I sat there for hours and tried to get access to it. I tried to write my password in all sorts of ways. Big initial letter, space here and there, small letters and big letters, but nothing  seemed to work.

I actually didn't think about that someone could change information and things about me. The only thing that went through my mind was that I'd now had to start all over. New e-mail, apply to all my old friends, pictures, and, yeah, just everything. I had to do everything over again.

(author: C., girl, Denmark)

My facebook account got stolen.  When I first found out, it was already too late. Imagine that I have been that stupid to let it stay open.

I know where it happened. It could be anybody who has done it. I will probably never find out who has, because who will be so stupid to reveal themselves? I would never reveal myself, so why should they do it?

I considered to tell my mom about it, but she could not do anything. She doesn't even know that I have a facebook account.

It might have happend when I forgot to log out from my facebook account at the library.

I could not do anything now, I could only make a new account.

(author: L., girl, Denmark)