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Classmates and Their Importance

Classmates or Team Mates?

My Class Is Special

Everybody Is Important



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Classmates and Their Importance

How important are your classmates in your daily life? Do they influence you a lot?

My classmates are very important to me as I hope that I am to them also. They don't necessarily influence me a lot because I make decisions for myself and they are capable of doing that themselves too. My classmates make my class what it is because of who they are so they needn't go changing anything because a class should stay how it always should be, in harmony.
D., boy, United Kingdom

For me not a lot, because I have more friends outside the class, but nevertheless I must say
that they influence my daily life because I spend a lot of time with them and also in our
free time we are together, for example if we work on the same project for the next lesson.
S., girl, Germany

They are very important in my life! Thanks to them I feel special. They are amazing!
M., girl, Poland


Classmates or Team Mates?

Who is more important to you, your classmates or your friends at a club or on a team?

For me all of them are important. Of course I spent most of the time with my classmates and it's important that you are on good terms with them to get good marks because you can't get good marks if you don't feel good. But my friends and my team is also important. I try all the time not to neglect someone. But I can't say that one of them is more important than the other.
S, girl, Germany

Most people here said that their classmates are more important. So I want to say why I think that my classmates aren't more important for me than my club colleagues.
1. I think that in a club are mostly people who like this club and often have the same interest, so they like each other.
2. My classmates I see every day and so I'm happy when I see my club friends.
3. That doesn't mean that my classmates aren't important to me. Some of them are also my best friends and I'm happy to be together with them. If someone is missing I miss him/her.
4. I also have a lot of experience with my classmates.
D., boy, Germany

I think for me the most important are friends from my club because I share the same hobby with them and a lot of common topics to talk. With my friends with class I can only talk about the weather or about school.
M., boy, Poland


My Class Is Special

Is your class somehow different from other classes? What makes you a special class?

My class is special because of students which are in it. There are some "exceptional" persons who make up this class. We can work together (mostly when we have some troubles) and this is the best in it. "One for all and all for one."
E., girl, Poland

I think every class is special and every person in it makes a class a special class. I think our class is special because of their class community. Sometimes I think we have a terrible class community but on other days I think and know that we have a very good community. We have some very good artists in our class, some very good singers. We have students who know a lot in different things. We have computer "freaks" and we have people who are only there and complete our class. I know that in every class are people who can draw or sing well, but they haven't these guys which are in my class.
S., girl, Germany

My class is full of very funny people, we can all have a joke and some pretty amazing banter. There are a lot of strange conversations, but at least it's never boring cause we know how to keep things interesting.
K., girl, United Kingdom


Everybody Is Important

Do you make an effort to get to know everybody in your class?

I don't make an effort to get to know everybody in my class because it's not so difficult. It's nice to communicate with different classmates. Of course I like it most to tell my best friends a private story but it's not boring for me to talk with other pupils about other things!
A., girl, Germany

I try to talk with all but I have several friends with whom I spend more time. In our class is a difficult person with whom conversation is difficult because she has a difficult nature. Despite this I try to exchange a few words with her.
D., girl, Poland

Yes, but only when she/he is new in the class because I have gone to school since I was three and I meet all my classmates.
I., girl, Spain



Have you got any arguments with your classmates? If so, for what reasons?

Oh yes, we have. Especially some boys of my class are really a pain in my neck. They always try to get me angry - unfortunately mostly it works. You have to know, most of my male classmates aren't grown up at all! They behave like little boys, which is SO annoying, I tell you.
S., girl, Germany

No, there aren't any arguments, why should there be? Everyone says what he thinks and everyone says what he thinks about this. If everyone gives his own opinion on the topic, everyone knows how the other one thinks.
D., boy, Germany

I usually don't like to participate in arguments because I'm kind of peaceful, but sometimes, when I'm really mad with anyone and they continue disturbing me, I can't stand it and it's like, you know, I explode.
When I argue, it's usually because of the most stupid thing in the world. For example, yesterday, I was talking to my friends (using Whats App) while listening to some music, and it started to play 'Waterline' by Jedward. In the song they said "feel the rush" and I was like: OMG, they said RUSH and Big Time Rush say that in one of their songs, and I was very happy. I wrote it to my friends and they started to say: 'No, they say "feel the RASH"'. And we started a stupid argument. I got really mad and then I said: 'Well, if you continue with that, I'm out of the conversation' and then I turned off my phone and I went to write some fanfict on my laptop.
I don't like to argue because then we're mad at each other, and I like to be happy, specially with my friends.
L., girl, Spain