Traditions, Values and Young People

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Life Priorities and Traditions
in the Life of a Young Person

For the first project meeting at Mülheim in February 2009, a student from the Polish school at Warsaw devised a questionnaire which she handed to the participants of the workshop to fill in. 24 students, aged 12 to 18 and from Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and the UK, took part in the poll. At the following meeting in Ibi (Spain), the results were presented by the author of the survey.

Is it important for you to maintain yearly festive traditions?

bar chart 1

Do you remember national, religious or family festivals and celebrate them?

bar chart 2

Who is the biggest authority for you?

bar chart 3

Do you remember the history of your country and celebrate national holidays?

bar chart 4

Is patriotism of big importance to young people in modern times?

bar chart 5

Do you think that young people are interested in the culture of today’s world?

bar chart 6

Where  would you like to spend your next Christmas?

bar chart 7