Traditions, Values and Young People

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Who Am I?

The following contribution is from the Spanish school at Ibi.


class at Ibi at work


The aims of this project within the larger Comenius project were to learn more about ourselves, to acquire higher confidence levels within our group, and to present, in an enjoyable way, the main characteristics of our personalities.

We did the work in three sessions of 30 minutes each. The materials we used were magazines, glue, scissors and A3 and A4 sheets of white paper.

Each participant created a collage with the title "Who am I?". They cut out pictures and words from magazines and put them in the collage as they wished.

The following questions should be answered with the poster:
What do I believe in?
What is important for me?
What sports do I like?
What are my hobbies?
What is my personality like?
What do I expect from life?

Students couldn't write their name on the collage. Once the collages were finished, we hung them on the wall and placed a sheet of white paper below it.


example: boy's collage

a boy's collage


a girl's collage

a girl's collage


Students looked at the collages in a relaxing atmosphere, maybe listening to some background music, and expressed in writing in one or two sentences on the white sheet of paper, what they thought about the collage, how it made them feel.

When we all had finished, we formed groups of 4. Each student took his/her white sheet of paper and read the comments to the rest of his/her group. We explained our collages to the group and what we thought about the comments written about it: To what extent did we feel understood by the rest? Had the comments written by the other students helped to discover anything new about ourselves? We asked questions in order to understand the collages and the authors' personality better. To finish the activity, we signed the collages and left them displayed on the wall.

With these results we were able to see that ...
— the majority of teenagers like music and sports,
— the boys like sport stars and music stars while the girls prefer topics like shopping,     fashion, cinema and television stars,
— nobody chose religious or ethical values or traditions,
— there wasn't any reference to culture either.