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Are Church Weddings Better
than Just Civil Weddings?

Another question in our Facebook discussion forum was,

Some people think that being married in a church is much better than being married in a registry office. Others believe that there is no difference because love is the most important thing and the place of marriage is secondary. What do you think?


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I think that it doesn't matter where you get married as long as you love each other and are together because you are commited to being together. If this is true, then I think you can be married anywhere.
A. (girl), Darlington

I think it depends on if you truly love your God and trust in him. However if you say, oh yes, I believe in God and really love him, but you don't show it and never pray to God or go to church. So I think if you want God to be there for your marriage and to show your true love and trust to your wife and God and for God to witness your marriage, I think you should have a marriage in a church.
C., Darlington

I think that it doesn’t matter where you get married as long as you love that person and want to be with them for the rest of your life. Some people want a big fancy wedding but in my opinion it doesn’t really matter.
O. (girl), Darlington

I think nobody must have a church wedding but I think it is better to marry in a church cause I think it’s a better atmosphere when you have a wedding in church. But when you don’t believe in God then it's better when you don’t marry in church.
D. (girl), Mülheim

I’m a Christian so I would prefer a wedding in a church , but if my future husband wasn’t a Christian I would let him decide what he wants.
L. (girl), Mülheim

I think you don’t need a church to marry because it’s important that your family is with you. But it’s wonderful when you marry in a church and you dress in a bridal dress. You look like a little princess. If I’m poor I don’t want to marry in a church because it’s expensive.
M. (girl), Mülheim

I think it’s better to be married in a registry office, because you must marry in the registry office before you marry in a church. But you needn’t marry in a church if you don’t believe in God.
L. (girl), Mülheim

Personally I think being married in a church is much better, because the bride has a great and beautiful bride dress, there are many flowers and the bells ring. But I think it doesn't matter where you get married as long as you love each other.
A. (girl), Mülheim

I think being married in a church is much better than in a registry office, because I like bridal dresses and it's great and beautiful. I think when you marry it's a day you will never forget.
J. (girl), Mülheim

I think a huge marriage in a church is not necessary. For me big celebrations are more stress than enjoyment. Even if I really like the nice bridal dresses, I don’t need this kind of stuff.
A. (girl), Mülheim

I think marriage in church is not necessary. I really like the bridal dresses and the celebration with family and friends but this is not the gist of marriage.
S. (girl), Mülheim

We think it is nicer if the bride and the bridegroom marry in the church. It is more beautiful and lovelier when the bride wears a white dress and when flower girls walk behind them.
T. and S. (girls), Mülheim

We think that the place for getting married is not important at all if you are with the person you love; it doesn't matter. But if you believe in the Catholic religion, you'll find it better and nicer to have your wedding in a church. But it's your choice, not the others'.
Here in Spain the bride chooses the church to be married.
anonymous, Ibi