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Are civil partnerships a step forward?

Civil partnerships, i.e. same-sex marriages, are controversial and have only been legalized in a number of European countries. So, in our discussion of marriage and partnership, the question was put,

Civil partnerships allow a union between a gay or lesbian couple in the 21st century. Many believe that this is a step forward, whereas others believe that it is a step backwards. What do you think? Should a gay or lesbian couple be given the right to be legally marry or do you not agree with it?


same-sex marriage demonstration, Dublin
A demonstration for same-sex marriages, Dublin, Ireland.
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I think that this is a step forward, and gay couples should be allowed to get married because other people are entitled to there own beliefs and values, and others shouldn't abuse or make fun of that.
H. (boy), Darlington

If you and a partner are in love, you should be able to express it through marriage; gay couples should be allowed to get married just the same as everyone else. It makes no difference who they marry, as long as they are in love, in should be allowed like everyone else.
A. (girl), Darlington

I’m totally fine with it. I think it’s not a big deal. When two people love each other then why shouldn’t they have a wedding? One of my friends is gay. I wouldn’t be his friend if I were against gay people, would I?
L. (girl), Mülheim

It’s o.k. for me because I think it's horrible when people say gay persons are bad or I hate lesbians and I donIt want to have anything to do with them because they have a civil partnership. No matter if you are a girl or a boy, it is the same who you love, the essential thing is you really love this person.
D. (girl), Mülheim

I think when a woman loves a woman she should stand for it and when she wants to marry her partner she should do this. I think there’s no problem.
L. (girl), Mülheim

Yes, It's o.k. for me because a woman and a man can marry so why not man and man or woman and woman .
M. (girl), Mülheim

I don't have a problem with this. It's ok for me. When you and your partner (man or woman) love each other, I think you are able to get married.
A. (girl), Mülheim

To begin with I think it’s okay for gays and lesbians to marry even if I wouldn’t do so myself. But on the other hand it involves a lot of troubles to get married. So only if the couple really loves each other it’s necessary.
A. (girl), Mülheim

I think it is okay to marry the same sex even if this is not typical. To marry a different sex is quite easier than to marry the other one.
S. (girl), Mülheim

I think the civil partnership isn’t for everyone. When you think a civil partnership is the right thing for you, you can do this. When a man loves a man it’s okay. Everyone have their own lives and everyone can decide about their own lives.
J. (girl), Mülheim

We think its ok when lesbians or gays marry because it is normal if people fall in love.
T. and S. (girls), Mülheim

We think that gay couples are free to get married because any person must choose their destiny. Every day we notice that two men and two women can live in the same way as a traditional couple; the most important is feelings.
anonymous, Ibi