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Is Marriage Important Today?


wedding photo, c. 1930


In our Slovakian school, a class made a video which shows a discussion (in Slovakian with English subtitles) about the importance of marriage today. The video cannot be shown here, mainly to protect the privacy of the students who participated, but there is a transscript of the subtitles.

(male student) In my opinion, marriage is a beautiful evidence of love, but I think that people shouldn't rush into marriage because it is an important step in life.

(female student) Yes and no. We live in modern society, where marriage isn't very important. There are more important things than marriage – love, sincerity, tolerance– would you like to marry?

(female student) Nowadays people want to marry later. At first they want to finish university. But it is not bad when someone gets married earlier. At first I want to graduate and I want to marry later in my life.

(male student) I would like to marry after finishing school because I want to have my career first, so I can take care of my family.

How do you think your life will change after marrying?

(female student) I think that I will surely lose my freedom, but it will be replaced by many other things, as taking care of the family, of children, of my husband. So it'll change for sure, but in a good way.

(female student) I agree and I think that as time is passing by, it is great that I can come back home and somebody is waiting for me and we can spend our free time together. And children are important for a married couple, too. It's connected with marriage. Some activities will be replaced by other activities, but that's real life, as the person gets older and his or her lifestyle is changing, too.

(female student) I think that a person's life is divided into different phases, and marriage is one of them. At first we study, later we get married and have a family. It doesn't limit us so much if we are sure we want it; we are able to adapt. For one thing, we don't go out with friends so often, but we have someone to care for.