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Valentine's Day

In the Facebook duscissuion forum for the project, Valentine's Day was also discussed.

Valentine card
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Someone from the school in Warsaw asked: "Do you celebrate this day in your countries? In Poland this day has many really big fans, but also many true haters."

The answers were:

"Yes, we do celebrate valentine's day in England but like Poland we have many haters too :)."
anonymous, Darlington

"I actually do not celebrate this day because I think that people should show love everyday and not only on Valentine's day."
A. (boy), Detva

"Ahh well, in Germany it would be the same. Some people love and like it and some just think its like any other day. If you do celebrate then you get some flowers or just one red rose. And you might go out for a nice dinner :)."
J. (boy), Cologne

"Yes, in Spain we celebrate it but only if you have got a boyfriend or girlfriend, and we just buy some presents. We think the same as A., we should show love every day and not just one day."
C. (girl) and A. (boy), Ibi

"We agree with Adrian, but in Italy is common for us to give present to our boyfriend or girlfriend: red roses, chocolates, pelouches and love messages. =)"
S. and I. (girls), Pontedera

A second question (from Darlington) was, "Do you have to give presents on one special day of the year to show that you love someone? It is very expensive in the UK for flowers and chocolates so is it worth it?"

There was one answer: "No, i dont think so, you dont really have to buy a present, it can be enuff just to have a great day together."
anonymous, Cologne