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Attitudes towards Food and Fitness:
An Interview with a Polish student


woman at yoga
© Jürgen Reitböck / PIXELIO,


We asked one of the students from our school, the Witkacy liceum in Warsaw, a few questions about her diet.

Her name is A. and she's attending the first class.

Journalist: You look fit and healthy. Do you do any exercises?

A.: Well, thank you. I do jogging daily before school. Moreover, I practice yoga three times a week. But maintaining my figure isn't my prime goal, it just brings me lots of joy. Besides, it has a tremendous influence on my organism – it fits my body, calms my mind, strengthens and relaxes me, and ameliorates blood circulation and amends concentration. Seldom do I feel tired and I never have headaches. I can see only advantages.

J.: Do you use any special diet?

A.: No, rather not. I eat what I want and I don't especially restrain my eating. I'm just trying to eat healthily.

J.: What do you mean – to eat healthily?

A.: (smiles) I always eat a good breakfast, rich in fiber, vitamins and carbohydrates. I also eat groats every day. Many people are astonished, but I just love groats. My favourite one is spelt groats, but I eagerly eat millet grits too, as well as buckwheat groats and couscous. Furthermore, I established that on Fridays I eat sausage, on Saturdays white bread with cheese and on Sundays I eat meat.

J.: Groats? Rarely do people eat it. I can't imagine myself eating groats daily. What do your friends think about it?

A.: Groats isn't that bad! (laughs) I blend it with random things every day. One day with nuts and raisins, the other day with bananas, plums or honey. It isn't just dry groats only. I have never heard any mean comments from my friends. The first time they saw me eating groats, they were astonished. Now they've got used to it.

J.: Your colleagues probably eat a lot of fast food. Aren't you tempted by that way of eating?

A.: No, I just don't like it. I have no interest in eating these things. It is not because I stick to any diet that I don't eat fast food. It just doesn't taste so excellent to me. What causes me more problems is chocolate, which I love. But I know it contains a lot of magnesium and has a positive influence on my memory. That's why I eat a few pieces every day. When I want cake or ice cream, I do not restrict myself.

J.: So you have a diet! Not many people eat that way you do.

A.: You just put too fine a point on my words. You can actually say I have a certain regime, but I don't regard the way I eat as an exact diet. I am just used to not paying attention to what I eat. It's juts that I instinctively choose healthier products. I also don't plan what I'm going to eat today or tomorrow. I don't count calories and do not limit myself in eating. I eat what I like and it's only a question of taste that I eat groats. True is that dietary topics interest me and that's why I often try new dishes and experiment in the kitchen. I even heard about a diet consisting only of groats! (laughs)

J.: How long have you been eating like that?

A.: I can frankly say, since I was born. That's the way I've been brought up. My parents never made me exercise or eat healthily. However, they were always encouraging me to do so. It's them who gave me a good example. They showed me that if I care for my body, I will feel better. And that's totally true. I'm full of energy, cheerful, rarely get sick, my head never aches and I feel great! I recommend healthy eating to everyone.

J.: Thank you for our conversation.

A.: Thank you.