What Relationships Mean in Our Lives

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Families: Students' Work - Family Conflicts


A Family Conflict

My Sister and I

How to Get on Well with Your Family

Poem: The Lonely One


Regrave, The Outcast

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A Family Conflict

Ann is the daughter of Maria and Robert. They have been married since 1990. Ann has also a bigger brother called Simon.  These siblings quarrel all the time but they also like each other but they can't tell it each other.

One day these two siblings are in their own room and play computer but suddenly they hear that their parents are fighting. They run to stop their parents but they fail, they tell them to go into their room.

Ann: "Do you know why they are fighting?"

Simon: "No, but we must do something. Fancy that they get divorced."

Ann: "What are you talking about. They aren't kids and they couldn't be childish like you!"

Simon: "I am not childish but you are childish, you know!"

Ann: "We have to concentrate on this problem!"

Simon: "If they get divorced, I could live with my father and you with mum, so I didn't have to see your face every morning."

Ann: "This isn't funny. You know, if they get divorced they must pay a lot of money, so then they couldn't buy your new mobile phone. You forget one thing. Dad could marry a new woman who also has a daughter, so you have a stepmother and a stepsister. Do you really want this?"

Simon: "You are very creative but also blockheaded. I don't want them to get divorced. Wait, I have an idea. I'm going to punch your nose, so that it begins to bleed. Then they come and look after you and forget everything."

Ann: "Are you crazy! I have an idea, we could run away, so they have to search us. Then they stop fighting and then we come back."

Simon: "Ha-ha, we don't have a place to stay and when they find us, they wouldn't give us pocket money because we don't follow the rules."

Ann: "They stopped. Maybe I could go to mum and begin to cry, maybe she would see that this makes me sad. This is a good idea."

Simon: "You are very childish!"

Ann: "And you are selfish!"

Suddenly they hear a knock on the door and they see their mother.

Maria: "Sorry kids, we had a fight about a new house but he said that it costs a lot and a lot of things. I'll go to your grandmother. Do you come with me, Ann?"

Ann: "Okay. Wait I will pack my bag."

Maria: "I am waiting for you."

Ann: "You see! I am leaving! But please do something that dad comes and apologizes."

Two days later Ann's brother calls her.

Simon: "Sis, I don't know how I could say that but I think I missed you."

Ann: "Ehm, I think I also missed you. Did you speak with dad?"

Simon: "Yes, he misses mum. But he doesn't want to talk."

Ann:"I have a creative idea. Make a reservation at the Desolé restaurant for two people. Then you tell father that his friend called and told him to come to this restaurant and I tell mum that aunt phoned. Tell the waiter that he has to organize everything perfectly."

Simon: "All in all it is a good idea but you forget that we don't have enough money!"

Ann: "Don't worry. For what we have a grandmother. I told her everything and she said that it would be okay if she paid for everything. But you must organize everything."

Simon: "Okay, till later, sis."

(author: D., girl, Germany)


My Sister and I

At the moment I have just one conflict in my family.

It's about clothes.

Every day my sister and I argue about this topic. For example, in the morning I want to put on some red shoes, but she also does. At 7 o'clock I'm not very cheerful and so we discuss who gets the shoes.

Because of that, I must hurry to get going soon enough and this day I have a very bad day. I'm annoyed and stressed.

It's the same with other clothes.

This problem is, why do we share all things when we buy them? It has good sides and bad sides.

This is not really  a big problem, but it is annoying.

Sometimes, when I want to wear something, she says, "No, you don't wear these clothes. They're mine." This is very annoying and I don't know what to do in this situation. But every time, we find a solution, for example, we share them. Half the week I get them and during the other half she does.

(author: F., girl, Germany)


How to Get on Well with your Family

In my opinion, your family is a group of people who love you a lot. However, sometimes, you could be very angry at them, but in the end, you know that you really love them. To stop those situations, you can use some tips.

First of all, you should respect all the members in your family if you want their respect. For example, if you want some privacy, you have to respect the others' privacy because if you do not respect it, the others will not respect you and it can be the beginning of a fight.

In second place, housework can be the most frequent problem in all families. To reduce these fights, you could plan a timetable with all the housework and share these tasks.

Thirdly, we can choose the pocket money as a very common fight among teenagers because they do not know why they get more or less money than their friends. If they get less, they will argue with their parents, and it can be bad. I think the best answer can be: “If you want more money, you have to do some extra work, like cleaning the bathroom, washing the dishes...”

In conclusion, I think that these are only four tips of the thousand problems that can appear in any family, but it is good to know them because they can happen any time, in any houre and you cannot know when they can appear in your family!

(author: J, Spain)


I am going to write about my family and some tips to get on well with them.

I think that one of the most important things is “confidence” because if you do not trust your family they will not trust you and you will never be a close family. They are your family and you have to remember it.

You must be obedient and do your homework. It is important to know that your family always wants the best for you so, if you study, they will be proud of you and you will feel better.

Another thing is is spending with them some Fridays or Sundays playing a game or just talking. I am sure you will have a really good time!

But I think that the most important thing is being happy because if you are happy, they are happy. Having always a smille is my best special tip.

(author: E., Spain)


Families sometimes discuss, but this does not mean you love them less. Now, I am going to write some tips to get on well with our loved ones.

First, you should understand that your parents love you, so they want the best for you, and you must listen to them and take their pieces of advice.

Maybe, in bad moments, you think that your parents do not understand you, and you want to be alone but they will be closer than ever. Above all, you must understand that they were young too and they know what they are talking about.

Secondly, you must not fight with siblings and less about stupid things, because they are the most important people in your life and they will always support you in bad moments.

Therefore, a good relationship with parents, brothers and sisters is difficult to keep, but it is necessary to live your life happily.

(author: J., Spain)


Poem: The Lonely One

There was an old man who was very sad.
He had a problem which made him mad

'Cause the only problem he had in his life:
He had no children, he had no wife.

When he was young, his wife had died
And from this day on he'd had  no one he liked.

Yes, he was old but he felt inside
He still needed someone who held him tight.

But then, one day, as he took a walk
He met an old lady and they started to talk.

They fell in love and soon therefore
They weren't lonely anymore.

They felt like children in their mind
All their trouble they left behind.

Their last years they spent in harmony,
Together they died happily.

(author: S., girl, Germany)