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What Makes a Person Your Best Friend?

What's Better - Many Good Friends or One Best Friend?

Can Boys and Girls Be Best Friends?

Can a Brother or a Sister Be Best Friend?

Friendship Forever?


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What Makes a Person Your Best Friend?

What makes a person your best friend? What do you have in common?

A best friend must be tolerant, nice, funny... And reliable!! I can't think of a best friend that you can't trust ...
Z., girl, Turkey

For me is a best friend when I can tell her all my problems or other things, when I can trust to her and I know that she doesn't tell my secrets to another person, when I can laugh and weep with her. When she accepts me how I am, when I feel she is like my sister, when her mum loves me like her daughter and I love her like my mum.
F., girl, Germany

I can tell her everything and she wouldn't tell it anyone. She's like a mirror, because she never laughs when I cry. She accepts me how I am and she would never change me. She tells me my mistakes. She is always there when I need her. First I think she could be a good friend, but now I know she is a part of me. :-)
A., girl, Germany

A best friend should keep secrets, of course. Because if he/she is your best friend you talk about every topics with him/her. You should trust your best friend because he/she is your best friend. If you don't trust him/her, you should judge him/her in your mind. We are best friends and we share our everything. When one of us in trouble, the other one mustn't be happy about that's situation.
As a result best friend means being trustworthy, secret keeper, enjoyable girl/boy. We think that's good enough.
E., girl, Turkey

For me sincerity is the most important thing for a good relationship. Also a best friend is a person who always helps me in the bad moments, it makes me have good times. It is very important that this person always tells you the truth.
P., girl, Spain

A best friend is your soulmate, the one you can trust, is finding out that someone out there does the same weird things as you do, is being yourself without any shyness!
Is great to find people that don't care how weird you are, or how stupid because you know they will always be there for you no matter what, if you fall they will catch you and help you to move on.
A., girl, Spain


What's Better - Many Good Friends or One Best Friend?

Do you think it's better to have many good friends, or one best friend? Why?

I think it's better to have one real friend. Nobody would like to have wrong friends.
I'm happy because I found a real friend. She is there if I need someone. She supports and understands me but she tells me her opinion truthfully.
I know the other teenagers have more friends and sometimes better friendships but that's not important. My friendships are not perfect but nobody's perfect.
So I think when you have one good friend you can do much more and perhaps the friendship is a bit closer like other friendships.
S., girl, Germany

Everybody knows that ONE REAL BEST FRIEND is better than HUNDRED FALSE FRIENDS. But I think If you have more real friends who you trust It isn't any problem. It doesn't matter how many friends you have. Just they have to be your real friends.
E., girl, Poland

Well, I've got 6 best friends! i could never make a honest decision who of them I could call my "best friend" they are all such great friends in their very own ways. And if you've got only one best friend, what happens if you once get in conflict with her/him? Or if there are other reasons why you lose each other? Then you're all alone ...
S., girl, Germany

I think that quality is better than quantity, because you can have a lot of friends but not all are really good friends.
L., girl, Spain


Can Boys and Girls Be Best Friends?

Do you agree that boys and girls cannot be best friends?

I disagree with the statement: “Boys and girls cannot be best friends.“ From my point of view I think it is possible, that boys and girls are best friends, because they can like each other without being in love with the other person. I think it is important to like the character and it doesn't matter if you have a boy or a girl as your best friend. If you have known someone for a long time you know his or her character qualities, what they like and dislike and how he or she feels. I don`t think there is any difference to be the best friend of a boy or a girl. I have a best friend who is a boy and I can tell him the same which I would tell him, if he were a girl. I don't see any difference.
L, girl, Germany

I completely disagree because it is possible to have a friendship with boys as a girl. I think boys sometimes understand us better than our female friends, for example when we have problems with boys and don’t know what to do or say, they can help us more because of their view.
Another reason why girls and boys can be best friends is that boys aren’t so prudish like girls and the most girls like that boys don’t see everything in a negative way.
For us girls they are keepers. So we always feel safe.
I have a male best friend, too. In my experience he is the best friend I have. He understands me in every situation of my life and I can talk with him about all things that hurt me or I don’t like. He can always make me laugh and smile when I am in a bad mood and I can trust him and he trusts me. I am really glad that I can call him ‘my best friend’!
K., girl, Germany

I have four best friends and all of them are boys. We have been friends for 8 or 5 years and they're really important for me. I love these guys! And they love me. But just as friends. So, a friend is a friend. Doesn't matter which sex.
E., girl, Poland

I definitely don´t agree, because there is no reason why it wouldn´t work. But still, it´s not usual, is it?
B., boy, Germany

I think that doesn't matter because you can have a best friend of the different sex, because the sex is not one of the qualities that a best friend needs. Is true that maybe your best friend is normally the same sex as you, but this is not always so.
A., girl, Spain

I think that friendships girl-boy do not exist, because sooner or later someone will fall in love with the 'friend'. Echhh, I watch too many movies.
S., girl, Poland


Can a Brother or a Sister Be Best Friend?

Can a brother or sister be a best friend?

Yes, for me of course they can be. If you share everything, see each other's bad and good sides, don't argue for little things, you can be best friends with your siblings.
Z., girl, Turkey

I love my siblings and I think we have a very special kind of relationship. But I think there's a difference between a friend and a sibling, maybe just because one isn't always together with one's best friend. But you have known your sibling since your birth, and you spend a lot of time together. So I think, the relationship I have with my siblings can't be compared to a friendship. It's different.
I also think my sister is one of the persons in my life I can tell everything and she knows me best. But that doesn't mean she's my best friend in that way ... Hope you understand.
S., girl, Germany

Hmm ... In my opinion, no. But it depends on the siblings. Some people say to their best friend, "My brother", "My sister".
So, my best friends are for me like brothers, but my real sister isn't for me like abest friend.
Maybe it's because you must learn to trust a friend because he's at first a new, foreign person for you and a sister/brother is with you all, really all the time!
E., girl, Poland

I think that they can, and its definitely good if you are good friends with your siblings. I used to be very good friends with my brother but now he prefers to spend more time with his friends from college.
M., girl, United Kingdom

I don't think so. My sister is older than me and she has helped me a lot of times and I love her a lot, but it doesn't mean that she is my best friend, she's just my sister and we have fought, we have loved ... But we are sisters, we won't be best friends.
R., girl, Spain

I love my sister loads and we share our stuff and help each other out but I don't think of her as my best friend. For me my sister and my best friend play separate roles in my life and honestly I think I might prefer it that way.
K., girl, United Kingdom


Friendship Forever?

In primary school often children say: "We are friends forever!" But is it possible that a friendship goes on fo ever?

In primary school I had a really really best friend, we shared everything, we were together all the time and we swore each other that we would always be best friend till the world ends. Then I moved to another city, which was far away from my former home town. Of course we promised each other always to stay in contact, and the first 2 years we wrote letters and so on, but now, 7 years later, we don't have any contact at all and I know nothing about her. Sad, but perhaps it would have worked if we had been a bit older... Well, I don't know. I think it's possible if you really try.
S., girl, Germany

I live far from some of my friends. And I think if it didn't broke our friendship, nothing can do it now. But I had my "best friend" 8 years ago. I did everything with her, and now? Now nothing. Sometimes we speak on the net, but nothing more.
But there is one exception. If your future husband/wife will be your best friend I think this friendship can be forever!
E., girl, Poland

I think it is possible to stay best friends for life, but it needs a lot of work and dedication. Me and my best friend have been friends since we were about three - that's twelve years. It may be difficult to stay friends sometimes but it's always worth it.
M., girl, United Kingdom

Like Sarah, I had got a best friend when I was in primary school. We were always together in class. We had got some little games ,which nobody knew except us. Now, I've got her number and she has mine, but we never talk. And we don't see each other in the streets. Sometimes I really miss our old days with her.
Z., girl, Turkey