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Is Cohabitation Acceptable?

In the Facebook discussion, there was also a question about cohabitation, which a few students discussed.

Do you think that cohabition (living together without being married) is acceptable?


painting of two lovers
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Yes, I think it's acceptable, but if you want kids you should marry.
L. (girl), Mülheim.

I really think that it's acceptable that people live together but don't marry because maybe people don't want to marry. In my opinion everybody can decide it on their own.
D. (girl), Mülheim

We accept cohabitation. It would be a nice experience for partners to understand what living together is like.
A. and G. (girls), Pontedera

In my opinion, yes. marriage is just symbolic. If you love your partner, it doesn't matter if you just live with him/her without marriage.
anonymous, Ibi