Traditions, Values and Young People

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Eating Habits of Students in Slovakia

Do young people know how to keep fit? Do they care? We, students from the Gymnázium v Detve in Slovakia, made a questionnaire to find out.

It was based on two expectations:
1.) Young people are not interested in healthy eating,
2.) Young people don‘t have enough exercise or physical activity.

We asked 86 schoolmates at the age of 15-18 (54 girls and 32 boys). These were the results:


pie chart 1


pie chart 2


pie chart 3


pie chart 4


pie chart 5


pie chart 6


pie chart 7


pie chart 8


pie chart 9


pie chart 10


pie chart 11


pie chart 12


pie chart 13


Conclusion: Young people in our school are interested in a healthy lifestyle. A lot of them do some sports and they try to eat in a healthy way. Although there are some couch potatoes in the research group, they are a minority.