Traditions, Values and Young People

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Food and Health Questionnaire

Students from the German school at Mülheim developed a questionnaire which other students were asked to fill in. The project discussion forum on Facebook was also used to get contributions.

Follow the links to find out what the answers to the questions were.

1. Almost everybody likes to eat fast food.
    But is there a traditional dish of your country that you like?

2. What do you usually eat? To what extent do you eat healthily?

3. What do you think about fast food? Do you eat it? Which kind, and how often?

4. To what extent do your eating habits differ from those of your parents?

5. What food is on offer at your school? How healthy is it?

6. Do you think obesity is a problem among the people you know?

7. Do you do any sports? If so, what where, when, why?

8. Is there any other way in which you try to keep fit?